What’s Ahead for Pumpkin Ed

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Cherish the day with friends and family.

Thank you to all our friends, fans and family who visited our Halloween display. I do it for you and for the joy that it brings everyone when they see the gigantic sculpted pumpkins.

While that season ends another begins with Thanksgiving. Let me know if you have a family pumpkin pie recipe. Do you know the history of pumpkins and how they came to be involved in the day? Here are several links for you to read up and learn more about pumpkins at Thanksgiving. http://bit.ly/9F2ZAx

If you’d like me to sculpt pumpkins at your event, I carve pumpkins through November. Contact me at: moody3@chartermi.net

If you’re planning ahead for next year, be sure to reach me soon so I can add your event to my 2011 calendar.

You see, for me, pumpkin carving is about the smiles…putting smiles on faces of people from a year old to 100 years old.

We’ll be adding more picture galleries soon and would very much like you to submit your photos for inclusion on this site.  I really enjoy carving pumpkins and hope you enjoy our site. Please be patient as it’s a very busy season. The wait will make it all worthwhile.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving season. Be kind, cherish your friends and family and share a meal with those you love and those who need a little holiday help.

- Ed Moody

Saturday I’ll be at the Halloween Festival and Parade in downtown Big Rapids, Mich., from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Look for the pumpkins!

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