Bio – Pumpkin Ed Moody

Edwin G. Moody was born in Northampton, Mass., and moved to Battle Creek, Mich., as a young child. Ed saved for, bought and carved his first pumpkin when he was six years old, a memory he cherishes and now, a talent he shares with many from August through November every autumn.

Ed’s formal art education began at Battle Creek Central High School in 1967 and over the years he has created sculptures in wood, plastic, soap, wax, stone, metal and of course fruits and vegetables.

Ed started carving pumpkins into unique shapes and forms 25 years ago as a special treat for his sons. He wanted to share with them the fall memories he had as a boy and the joy the creations brought to him.

The tradition continued and Ed began dreaming of sculpting a life-size Cinderella-like carriage pumpkin. It was almost 10 years later when he was able to obtain a 590-pound pumpkin at a dollar a pound. He then spent 31 hours sculpting his very first Cinderella carriage pumpkin.  There have been many more after.

Pumpkin carver Ed Moody

Pumpkin carver Ed Moody stands next to this 1150 pound pumkin in 2009

Ed and his wife Ingrid have been married for 29 years and reside in Frankfort, a small resort town in northwest Michigan with a population of about 1,500 residents. Every October Ed creates a Halloween display with 25 gigantic 1,000-pound pumpkins which last year attracted 50,000 visitors and over 1,800 trick-or-treaters.

Ed will have about a dozen 1,200-pound pumpkins being sculpted and carved at his home this week through Halloween and welcomes pumpkin and jack-o-lantern fans from everywhere to drive by and visit as the display is designed.

In addition to his home, Ed carves at events using smaller pumpkins at elementary schools all over Michigan. He also sculpts giant pumpkins for benefits, non-profit organizations, giant pumpkin weigh-off festivals sponsored by Michigan Giant Pumpkin Growers, as well as various Halloween-pumpkin Festivals and events around the country.

Ed retired from Grand Traverse County Inspection job October 17, 2011.  His son Daniel (Jackson), wife Lauren and 2 year-old daughter Annabella Rose now live in Colorado Springs, Colorado where Daniel is still proudly serving in the United States Army.  Son Trevor and 7 year-old grandson Trevor are currently living with Ingrid and Ed in Frankfort.

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