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Details for 2012 Home Display:

Carving will start on October 14, 2012 with the best (most complete pumpkins) the last week of October 2012.

Last year I carved and sculpted my home pumpkin display the weeks leading up to Halloween. It featured about a dozen 1,200-pound gigantic pumpkins. Lots of people drove by and watched the display unfold. The address is 722 Leelanau Ave., Frankfort, Mich.


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6 Responses to Home Display

  1. sue ann hughes says:

    we will be in Frankfort on the 30th. will you have pumpkins on display then? is there any Halloween trick-or-treating in your area during that wk.end? we have grandchildren,and we want to make sure they see your house while here for Halloween. sure hope it works out. thank you.

  2. Ellie says:

    What a great act of Hallowe’en generosity!

  3. Nancy VanderLinde says:

    HI, Ed.
    I went to ArtPrize on October 1st and saw the Cinderella coach.
    But I am lucky to live in Frankfort. I can see ALL your great creations!
    Keep up the good work.
    Nancy VanderLinde

  4. Marilyn says:

    Drove over yesterday from Traverse City. . it was well worth the drive to see your great work of art. Thank you for sharing them with the public. I was glad I had seen the article on your work in the paper.

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