Welcome! 2012 brings more Pumpkin Carving!

Pumpkin carver Ed Moody

Pumpkin carver Ed Moody stands next to this 1,158 pound pumpkin in 2009

Welcome to PumpkinEd.com home to Ed Moody’s fabulous carved pumpkin creations. Please look around and be sure to plan your visit around the last week of October in 2012. Come see us at 722 Leelanau Ave., in Frankfort, Mich., as we celebrate fall and giant pumpkin carvings every year.

Our 2012 Schedule is coming together. I’ll be carving all over this year! Watch the Events Page for more info.

Carving pumpkins is fun and a wonderful annual family event. From visiting a pumpkin patch together, to choosing the perfect pumpkin, to creating a masterpiece to display….those memories remain forever.

The goodwill and good times families and friends spend together doing something joyful is what pumpkin carving is all about. I also realize how important this time of the year is for our Michigan community. More than 50,000 people visit Frankfort every Halloween Week to see what giant pumpkin sculptures are all about.

My dream is to do a pumpkin carving tour to Children’s Hospitals around the country. I would like to go to as many as I can… St. Jude’s, D.C. Children’s Hospital, all over… just to make children smile and bring them happiness. I want to share the experience with as many kids and their families as possible to entertain them during very challenging days.

Thanks for your year-round support and for visiting us this year.

- Ed Moody

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Karving 4 Kids is now a 501c3 non-profit mission arm of the Frankfort-Elberta Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Karving 4 Kids is something to smile about!

Karving 4 Kids is my dream come true program for carving giant (500#+) pumpkins at children’s hospitals and charities around the country.  The unfortunate part of my dream is the out of pocket cost of approximately $3500.00 per event.  Those costs include: equipment rental for handling the pumpkins, cost of pumpkins, transportation, lodging and miscellaneous costs.  The good part of the non-profit status is that I can accept donations, send you a receipt for your taxes and you can possibly deduct the donation from your taxes.  I am not looking to make any money for my efforts and all accounting will be through the foundation.

Donations can be sent to:
Karving 4 Kids
PO Box 125
Frankfort, MI 49635

Be sure to include a return address for your tax deductible receipt.

Pumpkin Ed Moody and all of the hospitalized children.

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